Custom Reloads of Dallas, Inc. manufactures custom ammunition tested in your specific firearm for top accuracy and performance for hunting and competition shooting.

Our goal is to develop the most accurate cartridge for your rifle with premium components tailored to your firearm.

Youtube video for load developement:

Custom Reloads of Dallas provides:

  • Custom Ammunition- Competition, hunting,
  • Custom load work-up in your rifle
  • SUBSONIC ammunition specialist
  • Reduced recoil load
  • Reload your existing ammunition (your brass cases)

Load Development in your firearm:

You will choose the type of bullet and brass for your shooting needs. We will develop different batches of ammunition to test fire through your firearm. We will take the necessary measurements from inside your chamber and magazine of your firearm. This will allow us to seat the bullet to the optimum seating depth for your firearm to increase accuracy. Each batch of test ammunition will be fired in your firearm for accuracy while chronographing the loads with a state-of-the-art LabRadar chronograph for velocity readings at the muzzle (100-600 yards for rifle, 25-50 yards for pistol). Targets will be included to show performance of each batch of test ammunition (See youtube video) We will GUARANTEE less than MOA performance, and typical group size is 1/2 to 3/4 MOA (1/2″-3/4″ at 100 yards) for factory rifles and 1/4 moa to 1/2 moa for custom rifles. Most high-end custom rifles will come in under 1/2 MOA accuracy.

What you will get:

  • Targets from each test load
  • Velocity readings of each load shot through a chronograph
  • Trajectory data sheets (in inches, MOA, and/or Mils)

You will select the load combination you want based on the accuracy and velocity readings obtained from the test targets. Trajectory data sheets (in inches, MOA, Mils and/or IPHY) on the load you selected will be provided in the format you prefer. Data sheets can be custom made to your rifles’ zero (100, 200 yards, etc) and in any increment to show bullet path. (see “Trajectory Data” on the left for example trajectory data sheet). These trajectory data sheets can be re-calculated very easily for when you go to another shooting location to account for altitude, temperature, barametric pressure, and humidity.

Gun powder charges are thrown using an RCBS Chargemaster, then the powder is transfered to a high-end Sartorius digital scale, accurate to within .02 grains, which is about 1 kernel of gun powder. Most reloading scales are only accurate to +/- .1 grains accuracy. For bullet velocity, I use a state-of-the-art LabRadar, which uses doppler radar to get the speed of the bullet

Ammunition ordered will be packaged in 20 or 50 round ammunition containers with labels reading “Custom Ammunition for (your name)” with caliber and load details. Ammunition is priced separately with minimum order of 100 rounds for rifle and 500 for handgun.

Firearm care: During the firearm testing, we will take the greatest care in protecting and properly securing your firearm. Possession of the firearm will range from 24 hours to several weeks for the load development and testing.


There are 2 stages of pricing:

1) Initial load development- Flat rate fee for developing batch of ammunition to test fire for accuracy and velocity. Prices range from $260 to $300 for common calibers, and $300 to $450 for Chey-Tac and special wildcat calibers. Load development includes all test ammunition, loading time, range time, range fee, drive time, chronograh data (bullet velocity), and trajectory tables. Test loads can be shot at 100 to 1000 yards (200 and 300 yards is most common).

2) Ammunition- Ammunition is priced separately from load development with a 100 round minimum for rifle, and 500 for handgun.

Need a Quote?

Please include:

  • what caliber or calibers
  • what brand of brass
  • which bullet or bullets you want

Call or email “chad (at) dallasreloads.com” for pricing on specific load development, calibers, and bullet options. The pricing on one caliber can vary greatly between the different brands of brass and bullets used. Discounted pricing available for load development on multiple firearms.

Custom Reloads of Dallas, Inc. is a Type 1 (FFL Dealer) and Type 6 ( FFL Manufacture of Ammunition) Licensed. Contact me for any rifle and handgun transfers you may need.

I was on GunTalk Radio with Tom Gresham as a guest speaker talking about reloading and discussing the business of reloading on Sunday February 28th. I met Mr. Gresham at the SHOT show in Vegas this January. I’m looking forward to visiting with him again. Please listen in if you get a chance!

GunTalk Radio the only radio talk show which covers the world of firearms, personal safety, and gun rights. Topics include gun safety, sport & recreational shooting, gun collecting, personal defense, and firearm issues.

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Year 2010- Feb 28th, 2010, Part B episode- Time starts at 11:39.