This ammo is designed for your 5″ and 6″ AR pistol barrels. What is the “Super Short Barrel” ammo? You get a cleaner round and a FASTER round in the Super Short Barrels!!! This ammo is designed specifically for the short barrel and super short barrels, 5″ to 10.5″ AR-15 barrels (SLR, KAK, V Seven, RTB, etc barrels). The main difference is the powder used inside the case. We are using a faster burning pistol powder to maximize the velocity of the bullet in the short barrels. AND, for a MUCH cleaner round. This does 2 things- 1) The Super Short Barrel ammo has a 99.7% burn in a 6″ barrel, so the round is MUCH cleaner than traditional Black Out ammo. You do not get as much unburned powder blowing back into the chamber, magazine, and BCG for a much cleaner round! 2) Using a faster burning powder, we are able to get MORE VELOCITY in the shorter barrels than with the traditional slower burning Black Out powder, which is typically used in the Black Out. When you shoot regular Black Out ammo designed for 16″ barrels in a Super Short Barrel (5″ to 10.5″), the powder typically used is a slower burning powder and will not have a complete powder burn (about 85% burn rate in a 6″ barrel). This 15% unburned powder will be blowing back into the chamber, magazine, and BCG, and will make for a dirty rifle in only a few rounds. And the bullet is slower because of this. The problem is solved with this Super Short Barrel 300 Black Out ammo!! You get a cleaner round and a FASTER round in the Super Short Barrels!!! 100 rounds per order


1870 fps in 6″ AR-15 barrel!!!


This bullet is great for basic target shooting, plinking and deer hunting The 110 V-max is one of the top bullets in the 300 Blackout. Since it is a “Varmint” bullet, it lacks a little on penetration on pigs, but is perfect for plinking. This bullet is also a great self defense round in the blk out. 100 rounds per order


Brass is NEW Norma 300 Black Out head stamped brass, primers are CCI #450, which are magnum primers with thick primer cups. Powder is either Hodgdon or Alliant powder, depending on which bullet is loaded.


1870 fps in 6″ AR-15 barrel!!!

2370 FPS in 16″ AR-15 barrel (~80-120 fps faster in 16″ bolt gun)


100 rounds per order


Our 300 AAC Blackout ammunition is researched, tested, and developed with the optimum powders for the best accuracy for each bullet we offer. We have developed the loads and tested them out of AR-15 and Remington bolt rifles.