NEW!!! 10mm Auto with 115 grain Lehigh Defense Xtreme Defense bullet. This 115 grain bullet has a muzzle velocity of 1550 fps in a 4.6″ (Glock G20 barrel) for maximum terminal performance. A traditional hollow point bullet can clog up in thick clothing, and this bullet will go through clothing without issue, and have maximum effectiveness in soft tissue. This is the ultimate self defense bullet!

New Starline brass, high-end pistol powder, CCI #350 magnum primer, and 115 grain LeHigh Xtreme Defense bullet.


Sold per 50 rounds!


1550 fps in G20 (4.6″ barrel); 613 ft lbs of energy!!!


Why 10mm ammo? I am a huge 10mm Auto fan, and I was upset at the lack of quality 10mm ammo on the market. 10mm ammo is either watered down 40 cal ammo, or 10mm +P+ ammo, and doesn’t function or shoot well in a Glock. I load primarily precision rifle ammo, but I loaded 10mm a lot of 10mm ammo at the request of customers and myself. So, this 10mm ammo is the best true full power 10mm Auto ammunition I can make! I hope you think so also!