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New Nosler 257 Roberts +P brass, Hodgdon extreme powder, Fed 210M (match) primer, and BULLET OF YOUR CHOICE!!! This is match grade hunting ammo! This ammo is considered a +P load, and is intended for modern rifles. Do NOT shoot this ammo in old rifles not built for modern +P ammo. If the ammo needs to be loaded down for a non +P round, please contact us for this.

Priced per 50 rounds.  When ordering at check out, please put in the order notes which bullet you would like us to load for you! 

I can also load other bullets.

Bullets available:

Nosler 87, 100 or 115 grain Ballistic Tip-
Sierra 87, 100, 117 grain SP (Pro Hunter or Game King)
Hornady 87 or 100 grain SP Interlock, 117 grain BTSP, 117 grain SST


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