308 Win- 125 SST


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New!! 308 Win with a 125 grain Hornady SST @ 3140 fps!!!! New Winchester brass, Hodgdon extreme match powder, Federal 210M primer, and 125 SST bullet. This ammunition is copied from our thermal night hunting with AR-10 and bolt rifle. It is moving very fast for a 308 and the bullet is devastating on pigs and smaller game. It is field tested!!! Priced per 100 rounds

3140 fps in 22″ bolt gun

3025 fps in 18″ AR-10 suppressed

Priced per 100 rounds

MATCH- ammunition loaded single stage (one at a time, by hand) and the powder charges accurate to .02 grains consistency.

BULK- ammunition made on a progressive press, about 500 rounds an hour.