New Starline or Winchester brass, 150 grain Nosler JHP @ 1450 fps. This is full power 10mm Auto ammunition developed out of G20 and G29 pistols. 100 rounds per order.

This ammunition is designed for best accuracy and functioning in 10mm pistols. There are companies that will load hot 10mm +P ammo, but it will cause cycling problems and accuracy issues for stock Glock pistols. I have pushed the speeds up beyond the normal operating 10mm pressures, and accuracy was very poor and failure to chamber problems began. When you load to standard max 10mm pressures (non +P pressures), the 10mm shoots very well and is very reliable. That is where I load this ammunition. It is a standard max full power 10mm Auto load, and works great in all 10mm pistols. It is NOT 10mm Auto loaded to 40 S&W speeds.

100 rounds per order.


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