308 WIN 168 ELD-M – BULK- 1000 Rounds! $1099


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“BULK”, 168 Hornady ELD-M @ 2630 fps loaded with once-fired WCC brass.


168 ELD-M – BULK- 1000 rounds- $1099!!! AND, it’s only $22 shipping!


Priced per 1000 rounds.

2630 FPS in 24″ barrel


I have over 100,000 pieces of once-fired LC brass that is fully processed on a custom brass processing machine to within +/- .001″ headspace to my specifications. Brass is trimmed, FL sized, primer crimp removed, and ready to load!


Ammo is made with a commercial powder, Winchester or CCI primer, LC brass, and Hornady 168 ELD-M bullet. This round runs 2630 fps in a 24″ barrel. The load has been tuned shooting multiple 308’s and is the best bulk 308 ammo I can make.

I personally shoot this ammo out to 800 yards in my AR-10 and bolt gun. See video below of this ammo in action!




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