178 A-max- Bulk Match


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New offering!! 308 Winchester ammunition loaded with brand new, match grade Kinetic brand brass (reloadable cases). Match grade powder, Federal 210M Primer, and 178 grain A-max bullet. This ammunition is similar to my regular “BULK” ammo, but loaded with brand new brass cases and Federal 210 M (match) primer. The new brass allows for slightly higher pressures for increased speed.


100 rounds per order


“Bulk Match” is for use in bolt rifles and AR-10’s. The Bulk Match is NOT designed for 7.62×51 chambers, M1A rifles or actions not build to handle the higher pressure 308 Win rounds.


178 grain A-max- 2680 fps in 26″ barrel

Bulk Match= New match grade brass, progressive machine loaded

Bulk= once-fired WCC brass, progressive machine loaded