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Dallas Reloads 300 Blackout Subsonic Ammo Review

Semi-Auto load! This 300 Black Out load is designed to cycle in the AR-15 rifles in 300 Black Out. This load uses a slower burning powder that is designed for top accuracy and cycling in semi-auto rifles. This load will shoot well out of both bolt gun and semi-auto rifles, and cycle the AR-15. Priced per 100 rounds. Brass is NEW Norma 300 Black Out head stamped brass, primers are CCI #400. Powder is either Hodgdon or Alliant powder, depending on which bullet is loaded.

See the 125 Nosler BT shooting at 400 and 500 yards!

Our 300 AAC Blackout ammunition is researched, tested, and developed with optimum powders for the best accuracy for each bullet we offer. We have developed the loads and tested them out of many AR-15 and Remington bolt rifles.


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