2018 THF Long Range/Precision Rifle Match


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*Know your DOPE from the muzzle to 800 yards.
*Come prepared for anything.
*All distances will be given.
*All stages will be timed.
*This is more difficult, smaller targets, longer distances, and shorter par times than the hunting match.
*Shots will be from prone, seated, kneeling and using fixed objects.
*Multiple target distances within one stage, at times.
*Multiple positions within one stage, at times
*Target sizes from 2 MOA down to 1 MOA
*Shots will be left hand and right hand.
*Mandatory zero check begins at 0700.
*Match begins at 0800.
*Nothing larger than .30 caliber, and no muzzle velocity over 3200 fps.
*We will cook and eat at noon.
*You will be in the shade all day. It’s much cooler at the zero line, than anywhere else on the property.
*Bring snacks and water. Beer when it’s over, and the rifles are put away.
*$75 entry fee on Chad’s site.
*Specators welcome and they must sign a waiver.
*Everyone is very helpful, and will loan you equipment and advice if you need it. Don’t sit on the fence, this is a friendly environment, and some impressive shooting takes place. Plenty of trash talk, and comedy all day long.

Range is located:
2213 CR 3835
Wolfe City, TX