NEW! By request, we are now offering 22-6mm Rem ammo! This ammunition is loaded with new Hornady 6mm Remington brass, and necked down (full length sized) to 22 caliber for 22-6mm Rem ammunition. Bullet is 55 grain Hornady V-Max. Hornady brass, 55 grain V-Max, CCI #200 primer, and match grade powder. Priced per 50 rounds! This 55 grain V-Max ammo will stabilize in 1:14″ and 1:12″ twist barrels. If you have a faster twist barrel, like a 1:9″ or 1:8″ twist, you can shoot the heavier projectiles, like the 68 and 69 grain BTHP and 75 grain ELD-M. Call us for any questions on bullet options for your rifle. The 22-6mm Rem has been build with a large variety of twist rates. (Just know what twist barrel you have!!)


3900 fps in 26″ barrel

Priced per 50 rounds!