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New! 22 Creedmoor match grade ammunition and bullet of your choice! We are using new 6mm Creedmoor brass and necking it down to 22 caliber. Match grade Hodgdon and Alliant powders are used, as well as Federal 210M (match) primers. Ammunition is loaded single stage by hand and the powder charge is trickled up to within .02 grains consistency (about 1 kernel of powder). Please see our video below on how we load our ammunition and how consistent the .02 grain powder charge really is! (1:8″ twist needed for the 75+ grain bullets)┬áPriced per 100 rounds!


Priced per 100 rounds!


At check out in the “Order Notes”, please tell us which bullet you want loaded in your match grade 22 Creedmoor ammo!


3450 fps with 80 grain, 80.5 grain, 80 grain ELD-M

3500 fps with 75 grain Amax


Available bullet options:

Berger 80.5 grain Full Bore

Berger 82 grain LR Boat Tail

Berger 77 OTM Tactical

Hornady 75 grain BTHP

Hornady 75 grain ELD-M (most popular)

Hornady 80 grain ELD-M (most popular)

Sierra 77 grain Tipped Match King

Sierra 77 grain BTHP Match King

Sierra 80 grain Match King


How we load our custom match grade ammo with the powder charge accurate to within .02 grains: