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Just developed!!! 220 grain Sierra RN (round nose) bullet at 1050 fps. New Lake City brass and Sierra 220 RN at subsonic speeds. This bullet will stabilize out of a 1:12″ twist for faster****. However, it works best if you have a faster barrel twist, like a 1:11.25, 1:11″ or 1:10 twist barrel. It will shoot best with the 1:11.25″ twist or faster twist barrels.

100 rounds per order- $153 per 100 rounds

If you have a 1:12″ twist, look at my 180 grain Sierra SP subsonic load. It will fully stabilize in a 1:12″ twist and shoot very well.

Why the 220 RN, and not a BTHP or VLD bullet? Bullet stability is based on bullet length, not bullet weight. So, the shorter the bullet is, the easier it is to stabilize, especially at subsonic speeds. The 220 RN is a flat base design with a rounded tip. It offers the highest weight and the shortest bullet length together, so it will stabilize easier than a longer BTHP or VLD bullet of similar weight.

Try it!! It will shoot very well!!!


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