245 Grain Hard Cast Lead RN


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245 grain Lead RN (round nose). This is a hard cast bullet and suppressor safe. It will not lead up like the soft lead cast bullets will. Heaviest bullet to stabilize out of a 1:8″ twist rifle, and shoot in the AR-15 and bolt guns. This was also the most accurate subsonic round I tested. Subsonic @ 1060 FPS.

Brass is once-fired Lake City (LC), 5.56 brass cleaned, sized and cut down to 300 Black Out spec. Primed with CCI #400 small rifle primer. Standard 1:8″ twist or faster (1:7″ twist) will stabilize this bullet. The 245 grain Lead RN is the heaviest bullet available in AAC Black Out for 1:8″ twist rifles, designed to feed and function in AR-15 rifles and bolt guns.

100 rounds per order.


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