270 Win- Magnum Load-130 SP (100 Rounds)

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100 round order.

I concluded my custom load developments in search of a magnum 270 Winchester load with a Hornady 130 grain SP bullet. It is running 3080 fps in a standard 22″ barrel. This load is a max load designed for bolt gun rifles. It is not recommended in a semi auto or lever action rifle! All the enhanced ammunition loading methods were used to achieve top speed and top accuracy for this bullet.

This is one of my custom loads developed for the 270 Winchester, loaded on a progressive, commercial grade Dillon 1050 press. NEW Winchester brass (reloadable), Winchester large rifle primer, Alliant magnum rifle powder, and Hornady 130 grain SP (soft point). Hornady 130 SP @ 3080 fps!!


1 review for 270 Win- Magnum Load-130 SP (100 Rounds)

  1. Steven58

    Very accurate. I used these in a Winchester M70 that had the barrel shortened and threaded. I shot this with a 9″ suppressor and it averaged 2964fps with an exteme spread of 10fps. I consistently get sub 1/2 groups at 100yds. And have taken elk with one clean shot from 200+ to 325yds. I highly recommend these!

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