6.5 “Speedmoor”- 143 grain ELD-X


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This is my 6.5 Creedmoor ammo pushed to the max with a match grade, slow burning powder to maximize the velocity of the 143 grain bullets! I want to keep the match grade accuracy, temperature stable powder, AND get high speeds. This is it! Sold per 100 rounds.


New Hornady brass, Federal 210M primer, match grade, temp stable powder, and Hornady 143 grain ELD-X.  Powder is weighed out to within .02 grains consistency (to the kernel of gun powder). This “Speedmoor” ammo is designed for bolt gun use only. I have not tested it out of the AR-10 or semi-auto platforms. Sold per 100 rounds.


6.5 Creedmoor 143 grain bolt gun testing velocities, confirmed on the range with a LabRadar chronograph.

20″ barrel= 2768 fps (Tikka CTR)

24″ barrel= 2855 fps (Custom built rifle and Savage 110)


How we load our match grade ammo: