65 grain Sierra Game King


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One of the best hunting bullets for 223!!! These are the hard to find 65 grain Sierra Game King (soft point, boat tail) loaded with once fired LC brass, spherical/ball 223 powder and CCI #400 primer. LC brass is fully processed- cleaned (stainless steel media), deprimed, primer pocket swagged (crimp removed), full length sized, trimmed, and recleaned. This ammo is loaded on a progressive machine and loaded to 223 Rem pressures. It will function in any weapon for 223 Rem or 5.56. Priced per 100 rounds.

1:10″ twist required to stabilize this 65 grain Sierra Game King. (1:9″, 1:8″, 1:7″ twist will work fine!)

2760 fps in 24″ bolt gun

2620 fps in 16″ AR-15


Priced per 100 rounds!!