NEW!! Due to requests, we are adding 6mm-284 to our ammo line. The brass cases are formed from new Peterson 6.5-284 brass, and full length sized down to 6mm. This ammo is match grade and loaded with the bullet of your choice!! (Please, see notes below!) Match grade Hodgdon or Alliant powders are used, as well as Federal 210M (match) or CCI #200 primers. Ammunition is loaded single stage by hand and the powder charge is trickled up to within .02 grains consistency (about 1 kernel of powder). Please see our video below on how we load our ammunition and how consistent the .02 grain powder charge really is!  Priced per 50 rounds!


Please read!! About the 6mm-284, this round has been built with a large variety of barrel twist rates. Most are set up for varmint rounds in the 60 to 75 grain bullets. If you have a faster twist barrel, you can shoot the heavier bullets. I have listed the bullet options and the twist rates needed to stabilize them. Please order the correct bullet according to your rifles’ twist rate!!

Priced per 50 rounds!


Bullet options- (At check out, put in the “ORDER NOTES” section which bullet you would like loaded!)


58 grain Hornady V-Max @ 3700 fps (Requires 1:11″ twist or faster!!)

75 grain Hornady V-max @ 3250 fps (Requires a 1:10″ twist or faster!!!)

90 grain Hornady ELD-X @ 3100 fps (Requires a 1:10″ twist or faster!!!)

100 grain SP, Hornady @ 2950 fps (Requires a 1:10″ twist or faster!!!)

103 grain Hornady ELD-X @ 2900 fps (Requires a 1:8″ twist or faster!!!)

108 grain Hornady ELD-M @ 2900 fps (Requires a 1:8″ twist or faster!!!)


Priced per 50 rounds!


How we load our custom match grade ammo with the powder charge accurate to within .02 grains: