“Accelerator” round- 55 grain SP


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New Offering! 30-06 with the 30 caliber “Accelerator” sabot with a .224″, 55 grain Hornady SP bullet at 4500 FPS!!!  New 30-06 Winchester brass, Hodgdon powder, Fed 210M primer, and 30 cal sabot with 55 grain Hornady SP bullet. The sabot is a 30 caliber plastic sleeve that holds a 22 caliber (.224″) bullet, which is the same bullet as a 223 Rem or 5.56 bullet. Price per 50 rounds.


4500 fps in 22″ barrel


Sold per 50 rounds. Call for volume pricing.


DO NOT SHOOT THESE THROUGH A SUPPRESSOR!!!!  The plastic sabot holds the .224″ caliber bullet and will come off once it leaves the barrel. The plastic sabot will expand to release the 55 grain bullet, and the sabot can lodge inside the suppressor.