New Winchester brass, Varget or R15 powder, Fed 210M, and BULLET OF YOUR CHOICE!!! Ammo is loaded single stage and the powder is weighed out to .02 grains consistency. This is the best and most consistent ammunition we can make!



155, 168, 178 grain A-max

168 or 178 grain BTHP

125 or 150 grain SST

110 grain V-max!!




168 or 175 grain Match King

125 grain Tipped Match King

165 Game King (Great hunting bullet!!)



115 grain FB Target (call for pricing on other Berger bullets)


MATCH- ammunition loaded single stage (one at a time, by hand) and the powder charges accurate to .02 grains consistency.

BULK- ammunition made on a progressive press, about 500 rounds an hour.


How we load our custom match grade ammo with the powder charge accurate to within .02 grains: