Backorder only as of 9/09/19. Website will be updated as soon as bullets are in stock.

223/5.56 SUBSONIC round (priced per 100 rounds). Once-fired LC, WCC, RP, FC or Win brass, custom 87 grain flat base HP bullet @ 1040 fps in 16″ barrel. This ammo is loaded to SUBSONIC speeds out of a 16″, AR-15, 5.56 barrel. This ammo will NOT cycle an AR-15. This ammo is designed for 1:8″ twist or faster ONLY (1:8″. 1:7″). If you have a 1:9″ twist or slower (1:11″, 1:12″, + etc), the bullet WILL NOT be stable. The 87 grain HP bullet is fully stable in a 1:7″ twist barrel at subsonic speeds. The 1:8″ twist will stabilize the bullet and leaves a round hole in paper at 100 yards, but the hole has a slight off-center cant to it, meaning the bullet does have some yaw to it. But it does shoot well in my 1:8″ twist barrel shooting suppressed.

If you are zero’d at 100 yards with supersonic ammo, your point of impact (POI) will be about 9″-12″ low at 100 yards. 


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