375 H&H High-end bullets


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New Hornady brass, Hodgdon, IMR or Alliant powder, Federal 215M primers, and bullet of your choice. This ammunition is loaded one at a time on a single stage press, and powder is weighed out to within .02 grains consistency (to the kernel of gunpowder). This is match grade hunting ammunition!!

Priced per 50 rounds. If you do not see a bullet listed that you want, please contact us for pricing and availability.

When ordering, please post in comments which bullet you would like:

300 grain Hornady DG (Dangerous Game) Expanding

300 grain Hornady DG (Dangerous Game) Solid

260 or 300 grain Nosler Partition

285 grain Speer Grand Slam SP

250, 270, or 300 grain Swift A-Frame

235, 250, 300, 350 grain Barnes TSX

How we load our custom match grade ammo with the powder charge accurate to within .02 grains:



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