2019 THF Hunters Challenge


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Sixth Annual THF Hunter’s Rifle Challenge. Saturday March 2

1. Hunting scenario based stages, using armor steel targets. All but one stage will be no more than 300 yards. One stage will give shooters the opportunity to show off to 500 yards.
2. Any rifle you would hunt with, .223 to .30 caliber. No 7 Rem Mag, No .300 Win Mag, or larger. No limitation on scope. Muzzle Velocity speed limit is 3100 fps. If you are damaging steel, your ammo will be chronographed, and you will be disqualified.
3. Hand-loaded ammo is not only allowed, it is encouraged. Bring 80 rounds
4. Target sizes range from 1.5 MOA/ .4 MIL to 3 MOA/ .9 MIL
5. Stages will include field shooting positions both supported and unsupported, bench shooting or prone, whichever the shooter prefers.
6. Mandatory 100 yard zero check prior to shooting the match. Paper targets will be provided. We will help spot and/or wrench on any equipment you may have trouble with.
7. Magazine fed rifles are preferred, but you may use any type rifle you like. Any semi-automatic rifle will be required to be placed on “safe” while the rifle and shooter are moving during a stage. AR type rifles, I recommend a snap cap in the bottom of the mag, so that the bolt will cycle back closed. This makes a more consistent shooting rifle, that maintains safety.
8. Round counts will be less than 5 for all stages. If your magazine only holds 3, be prepared to top load one or two additional rounds.
9. Additional observation optics, and tripods are allowed. If you can carry it, you can bring it.
10. Backpacks are not only allowed, they are encouraged.
11. All stages have a par time, and the times are very generous. If you are not done shooting, and you hear “time” you will stop shooting. Any hits made after time has stopped will not be counted.
12. All stages are known distance, to every target
13. All stages will have a round count.
14. There is NO RUNNING, but be prepared for a 600 yard
walk first thing, and then several 100 to 200 yard walks back to the zero line.
15. This is a helpful, friendly atmosphere. Do not be afraid, if you have never shot a rifle competition. This is geared for new shooters to come out, get some hits, and have fun. You will receive plenty of help from Range Officers and other competitors.
16. Safety is paramount. Everyone is a safety officer. We have never had even a close call and we will keep it that way. All rifles are unloaded, bolt back, and pointing down range, away from people at all times! Once a shooter is up to the line they will be told to “load and make ready”. Bolts may not be closed until the rifle/ optic is pointing at the desired target. In the event someone points a muzzle at a person, they will receive one warning. If it happens again, they will be told to leave the property.
17. Bring clothing for any weather. Wear waterproof boots, you would hunt in.
18. Bring, lunch, snacks and water in your pack.
19. Only pre-paid shooters are allowed. No paying the day of will be allowed.
20. Match fee is $63
21. Match T-shirt is $20
22. 30 shooters maximum. First come, first serve. If you register, but do not show up, you will not be refunded your entry fee. 5 shooters on the wait list. We will not run more than 30 shooters.
23. Check-in and zero from 7 am to 8 am. Match begins at 8 am, and will stop when we finish. Usually before 5 pm.

Match fee increase in order to have a porta-john on location.

Range is located:
2213 CR 3835
Wolfe City, TX

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