SUBSONIC 10mm Auto, 200 grain Hornady XTP- in stock!

New Starline or Winchester brass, 200 grain Hornady XTP @ 1040 fps in 16″ barrel. This ammunition is designed to be a SUBSONIC round in the CMMG, Kriss, TNW, Hi-Point and other firearms with 16″ or shorter barrels. 100 rounds per order.


100 rounds per order.


Why 10mm ammo? I am a huge 10mm Auto fan, and I was upset at the lack of quality 10mm ammo on the market. 10mm ammo is either watered down 40 cal ammo, or 10mm +P+ ammo that doesn’t function or shoot well in a Glock. I load primarily precision rifle ammo, but I loaded a lot of 10mm ammo at the request of customers and myself. So, this 10mm ammo is the best true full power 10mm Auto ammunition I can make! I hope you think so also!

Thanks for looking!