135 grain Sierra Matchking


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Custom Reloads is now producing match grade hunting ammo in 270 Winchester with the 135 grain Sierra Match King!! The 270 Win is one of the original cartridges that I first began reloading and learned to shoot long range on (out to 1000 yards). I have shot and tested everything from 90 grains to 150 grain bullets. Ammunition will be loaded single stage and powder will be weighed out to .02 grains accuracy (to the kernel of gunpowder). It will be loaded the same way I load my precision match grade competition ammo with proven recipes I have tested. Priced per 100 rounds. If you would like a different bullet loaded, please contact me for pricing. Priced per 100 rounds.

New Winchester or Nosler brass, Hodgdon match grade powder, Federal 210M (match) primer, and 135 grain Sierra Match King.

135 grain @ 2950 fps


Priced per 100 rounds.

How we load our custom match grade ammo with the powder charge accurate to within .02 grains: