180 grain Sierra SP- BOLT


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Bolt gun load ONLY! This 300 Black Out load is for the Remington Model 7, Remington Model 700, H&R single shot, or any other bolt rifle or single shot in 300 Black Out. This load uses a faster burning powder that is designed for top accuracy in bolt guns, and does not have enough pressure at the gas port to cycle a semi-auto, AR-15 type rifle. If you are ordering the 180 SP subs for an AR-15 rifle, or both bolt gun  and AR-15, then order the 180 SP semi-auto load. It will shoot well out of both types of rifles, and cycle the AR-15.


Brass is NEW Norma 300 Black Out head stamped brass, primers are CCI #400. Powder is either Hodgdon or Alliant powder, depending on which bullet is loaded.

Priced per 100 rounds.


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