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Dallas Reloads 300 Blackout Subsonic Ammo Review

SBR (Short Barrel Rifle Load) – This load is specific to short barrel rifle’s with 11″ barrel or LESS. Hornady 208 grain A-max loaded subsonic @ 1050 FPS in 11″ barrel. This load is designed to get top velocity in short barrel rifle’s. Normal 300 Black Out subsonic ammo designed in 16″ barrels will run 900-950 fps (or slower) in short barrel rifle’s. This ammo will get you top velocity, and still remain sub sonic! This load fired in a 16″ barrel will be super sonic! 100 rounds per order.

Brass is NEW Norma 300 Black Out head stamped brass. Powder is either Hodgdon or Alliant powder, depending on which bullet is loaded.  CCI #400 small rifle primer. Standard 1:8″ twist or faster (1:7″ twist) will stabilize this bullet.

100 rounds per order.


The 208 A-max is officially discontinued from Hornady.


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