NEW!! 30-06 SUBSONIC ammunition! New Starline 30-06 brass and 180 grain Hornady SP loaded to 1030 fps in 22″ barrel. This is the same 180 grain Hornady SP I load in my 308 Win sub ammo, which is my top seller. This bullet will stabilize in a 1:12″ twist or faster (1:11″, 1:10″, etc). Priced per 50 rounds.


Priced per 50 rounds.


Why use a 180 grain Sierra SP (soft point) flat base, instead of a BTHP or match bullet? When shooting at subsonic speeds, bullet stability becomes a huge factor for the bullet to properly stabilize and for it to shoot well. Bullet length is a major factor in how stable it is out of the muzzle. In a given twist rate (like a 1:10″ barrel twist) and slow subsonic speeds, a shorter, flat base bullet is more stable than a longer BTHP match bullet is. The 180 grain Sierra SP flat base is a much shorter bullet than a similar weight BTHP bullet, like a 175 grain Sierra MatchKing. This allows the 180 grain SP flat base to be more stable and have the potential to be more accurate at subsonic speeds than a BTHP design. BC (ballistic coefficient) is for supersonic flight, and does not matter at subsonic speeds. Having a high BC bullet at subsonic does not benefit the shooter at all. This is why the 180 SP flat base bullets work well as subsonic round!