223/5.56, AR-15 cycling SUBSONIC


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PLEASE read below, the rifle specifications needed for this ammo!!!


After years of working on this project, I finally got an awesome SUBSONIC load in 223/5.56 for an AR-15!! 112 grain EXPANDING SUBSONIC bullet at I worked closely with a bullet manufacturer and we tweaked the bullets and worked with many different powder and powder charges to dial it in. We will have an initial run of only 3000 rounds. 50 rounds per order.


Rifle specifications to run this ammo. This ammo is designed for the AR-15 platform. Priced per 50 rounds.


The rifle MUST have:

Carbine or pistol length gas system (will not cycle in mid-length or rifle length gas system)

1:7″ twist barrel or faster (1:6.5, 1:6″). This will NOT stabilize in a 1:8″, 1:9″ twist barrel or slower!

Must be shot suppressed!

If you are unsure of your rifles’ specifications, consult your gunsmith or rifle manufacture for specifications on your rifle.


Video of cycling subsonic 223/5.56 AR-15