378 WBY MAG Match Grade-Hunting


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New! 378 Weatherby Magnum loaded with the bullet of your choice. This ammunition is loaded with new Norma 378 Weatherby Mag brass, Hodgdon Extreme temperature stable, match grade powder, Federal 215M (match magnum) primers, and bullet of your choice! This ammunition is MUCH less expensive than any factory ammunition, and is better built ammunition with high-end components and the powder charge weighed out to within .02 grains consistency (see our video below). Why pay $6+ per round, when you can pay much less for better ammunition!!??

Priced per 50 rounds!

When ordering, write in the “Order Notes” section which bullet you would like custom loaded!!

Bullet options:

Barnes 250 grain Tipped TSX (TTSX)

Barnes 270 or 300 grain TSX

Hornady 270 grain SP (Spire Point)

Hornady 300 grain Dangerous Game SOLID

Hornady 300 grain Dangerous Game EXPANDING

Nosler 300 grain Accubond or Partition

Nosler 260 grain Accubond or Partition

Sierra 250 or 300 grain Game King

Speer 270 grain SPBT Spitzer

Swift 250, 270, 300 grain A-Frame


How we load our custom match grade ammo with the powder charge accurate to within .02 grains: