Sierra’s 135 grain Sierra HP Varminter is perfect for the 300 Black Out. The 135 grain HP Varmint bullet with thin bullet jacket is designed for easy expansion and is perfect for 300 Black Out speeds.


135 grain Sierra HP (Hollow Point) Varminter, Brass is NEW Norma 300 Black Out head stamped brass, primers are CCI #450, which are magnum primers with thick primer cups. Powder is either Hodgdon or Alliant powder, depending on which bullet is loaded. 100 rounds per order


2170 fps in 16″ AR-15 barrel

2250 fps in bolt gun suppressed


100 rounds per order


See our ammo perform at 400 and 500 yards:

Our 300 AAC Blackout ammunition is researched, tested, and developed with the optimum powders for the best accuracy for each bullet we offer. We have developed the loads and tested them out of AR-15 and Remington bolt rifles.