New Offering!!! Subsonic, 1040 FPS in 20″ barrel, 1:12″ twist or faster is REQUIRED to stabilize this bullet!!!!! (1:11″, 1:10″, etc, will all work fine!) Priced per 50 Rounds!

New Hornady or Sig brass, or Remington NICKEL case and expanding 175 grain SUBSONIC SUB-X bullet. This bullet is designed to expand down to 800 fps, which will expand out to 250-300 yards. This 308 Win subsonic ammo will NOT cycle a semi auto, since these are a lower pressure round.


Please Note- This load is designed around a 20″ barrel. If you run a 24″ barrel, the added length of your barrel will increase the speeds by about 50-60 fps, which will make this round super sonic and you will hear the bullet. I need to know your barrel length if it is longer than 20″-22″!!!  (Please include your barrel length in the “Order Notes” at check out!) I will need to reduce the powder charge inside to keep the bullet sub sonic in a longer barrel. Vice Versa. If you have a 16″ barrel (or shorter) for your 308 Win, I can add some powder to pick up the speeds a little bit and still keep the round subsonic in your shorter barrel. Again, please let me know your barrel length in the “Order Notes” at check out, and I can adjust the powder charge to make sure to keep the bullet subsonic in your barrel.


Priced per 50 Rounds!