NEW!! New high-end Peterson 300 RUM brass necked up to 338 Edge. Match grade, 338 Edge ammunition!! My 338 Edge ammo is developed from all the custom load work up I have done on multiple rifles. I have reviewed all my loads and put together the best shooting recipe for my match ammo.

50 rounds per order.


***Also, please let us know your maximum magazine length!! (Or which magazine system you are using) Most magazines are in the 3.800″ range, but some go out to 4.00″.  Depending on the bullet, this will help us to know where to seat your bullet.


Bullet choices- At check out, please put in the “Order Notes” section which bullet you would like loaded for your 338 Edge ammo.


270 grain ELD-X

285 grain ELD-M

225 grain ELD-M

230 grain ELD-X

Sierra 300 grain MatchKing


We can also load the Barnes, Berger and Hornady A-Tip bullets on request, depending on availability. Please call for pricing and availability on these.


50 rounds per order.


How we load our custom match grade ammo with the powder charge accurate to within .02 grains: