8.6 BLK- 300 grain Berger Hyb


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SUBSONIC 8.6 Blackout loaded with 300 grain Berger Hybrid. Our 8.6 Blackout is loaded using Hornady 6 GT brass. The brass is already annealed and is easily necked up from 6mm to 6.5mm, 7mm, .308″, then a final full length sizing in the 8.6 Blackout sizing die. Ammunition is loaded single stage and powder charge is weighed out to within .02 grains consistency. The brass is with a small rifle primer, so it will yield multiple reloads!

50 rounds per order


1040 fps in 12″. If you have a longer or shorter barrel, please let me know so we can adjust the powder charge to fit your barrel lengths. Please list your barrel length in the “Order Notes” at check out.


50 rounds per order


How we load our custom match grade ammo with the powder charge accurate to within .02 grains: